Experience the hospitality of a heritage Resort

Experience comfort and luxury at Kavassu Heritage haveli, a 130 years old example of traditional architecture that will take you back in time. Break the monotony and feel the luxury of our heritage resort in dundlod, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. We guarantee you a life time experience at Kavassu Heritage Haveli. Come be a part of the history.


Rooms & Suits


Experience the serene Royal Heritage

Leave the chaos behind and experience the serenity at resorts in Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. At kavassu heritage haveli experience a royal living.

Explore Haveli

Walk through the heritage property here. We have curated a list of services that makes your stay at the
kavassu heritage haveli worth everything. You deserve a royal break.


Rooftop Cafeteria

Food both for you and your soul. Yes resorts in jhunjhunu rajasthan are offering a mesmerizing view for your appetite.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy a breezy swim at our swimming pool, at the heritage resort. Relax and let the water take lead of your vacation.

In-House Dining

Tickle your taste buds with lip smacking, Indian food at the kavassu heritage haveli. An in-house dining experience adds to the amazing flavors of Rajasthan.

Book Entire Property for Wedding Ceremonies, Celebrations or Private parties.

Book complete property  for wedding ceremonies, celebrations or private parties. Call Us on +91 800 399 3343+91 982 906 5184+91 800 399 3311 or Mail Us on or fill the below form to request a booking.


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    To start the day in the best way, enjoying the extraordinary buffet breakfast
    in the quiet of our courtyard caressed by the